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The Courses on 3d Printing and printers at MIY MakerSpace

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Drawing in 3D with a doodle pen for beginners (MIYKID101)

This course is designed for people that want to enter the 3d printer world but instead of a conventional high tech machine they want to start by using a simple 3D plastic printing pen. The idea is to discover how an actual 3d printer works and to see the technology associated with well-known 3D printers. In this workshop, you can discover and understand not only the basic mechanism of an 3d extruder…

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Introduction to 3D printing (MIY3DP101)

This full introduction to 3D printing allows the student to get to know all the current technologies and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each one. Currently, high technology 3D printers are accessible at very affordable prices but we have noticed that just because they are easily acquired, they are not always easy to understand or to operate…

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Intermediate 3D printing: modeling an object (MIY3DP201)

This training is designed for an intermediate user who have purchased a 3D printer and want to create or modify their own parts instead of outsourcing. It is also aimed at people in need to create modeling parts for a design study or prototype. Modeling is the basis of all digital manufacturing processes: cnc milling, laser cutting…

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3D printing: Machining assemblies and tolerances (MIY3DP301)

Advanced courses on 3D printing

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3D Masterclass printing (MIY3DP320)

This course contains all 3 modules and can be considered as complete. The course begins with the absolute basics, but passes quickly to more difficult tasks. At the end of the class, the student will be able to model almost any object in 3d and send the information to a 3D printer to print.

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