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Our courses for CNC milling or Laser from MIY

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CNC Milling machine introduction course 2d (MIYCNC101)

This course is designed for people who want to learn the absolute basics of using a computer controlled cutter (CNC) machine. Starting from the beginning of “what is a CNC” the student will learn all about the inner workings of an actual CNC milling machine then learn how to design parts and pieces with powerful but simple 2D computer aided design (CAD) software…

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3d relief projects with a CNC milling machine (MIYCNC201)

nce the student has mastered the CNC in 2D its usually time to expand the set of skills to include the 3rd dimension. Sculptures, 3d molds and even pieces of a chess game have conventionally been cut by using a 3d milling machine so it is a natural evolution for the student to learn how to use the machine in 3d…

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3d CNC advanced CNC techniques (MIYCNC202)

Cutting sculptures, signs and pieces that are imperfect or approximative can be achieved with relief software, but what if you need precision and control over the project? This course introduces the fundamentals of how to take models initially made from 3d design software and mill…

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Advanced 3d projects with a CNC milling machine (MIYCNC301)

This course is designed to advance the student in the topics of 3D modeling with Blender, also advanced milling techniques are introduced like 4th axis milling and aluminum cutting. The student before entering in this course should have at least some basic skills in 2d CAD programs and basic usage of CNC machines…

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Introduction to laser cutting (MIYCCL101)

Laser cutting is a machining process that consists of cutting the material through a large amount of energy generated by a laser and concentrated on a very small surface. This has two purposes: to cut out entire plates or to apply engravings. In this course, the student learns to process the machining data in relation to the materials. The power of our laser allows to cut plastic plates up to a thickness of 10mm. After this training, you will be able to use the machine autonomously …

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