Introduction to 2-Axis Digital Milling (MIYCNC101)

Reference: MIYCNC101
Age: 12+
Costs : 300.-
Costs per group (min 4 people): 150.-
Prequsites: aucun
Materials: Included
Equipement : Badog CNC X2
Duration : 2h theory / 3h practice

Introduction to digital milling in 2 and a half axes (MIYCNC101)

Course details:

This course is designed for people wishing to learn the basics of using a numerical control machine (CNC). Beginning with the question “what is a milling machine”, the student will learn the machining process by modeling a 2-dimensional object using a computer program (CAD, computer-aided construction) easy to handle and perform at the same time. At the end of the training, the trained person can work independently, carry out machine maintenance, model all possible shapes and imaginable, convert to machining format and machine in plastic or wood. The course includes 3 hours of theory and 3 hours of practice where the student works on a real manufacturing project using the techniques of the course.

Introduction to 2-Axis Digital Milling (MIYCNC101)


Introduction to the world of automated control of CNC machine tools. Discovery and mastery of the basic use of a milling machine for 2-dimensional wood / aluminum / plastic plate cutting projects.


o What is a CNC machine tool?

o Security and Maintenance

o CAD / CAM / CAX / Drivers Discussion

o Modeling a part using the program Badog CAD 2d

o Transformations of a machine modeling

o Carry out machine zeros and construct postings for apprehension of the plate

o Using the Mach3 program to control machining

o Discussion of tools, feed speed and depth of passes

o Practical example: house for birds

o Conclusion and next steps

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