TIG Welding Course (MIYSOU303))
Reference: MIYSOU303
Age : 12+
Costs : 300.-
Costs per group (min 4 people): 230.-
Prerequisites: Workshop Safety Course, MIYSOU302
Materials: Included
Equipment: ESAB EMP 215 IC – EPI
Duration: 2 hours

TIG Welding Course (MIYSOU303)

Course details:

The aim of this course is to weld steels, stainless steels, by the TIG process. The course is based on practice and allows individualized follow-up (coaching) depending on the welding activities of the participants.

This course is intended for beginners or people wishing to improve themselves, working in various fields such as bodywork, locksmithing, metal construction, agricultural mechanics, mechanical engineering, mechanical welding. After this training, you will be able to fully use our welding machine for your assembly and construction projects.

TIG Welding Course (MIYSOU303)


The goal is to understand the TIG welding processes for metals. The switch to the practice consists of adjusting the welding equipment provided. During the training, the safety standards will be applied. This course makes the student stand alone for entering our welding lab.



o Presentation of the material

o TIG Welding Instruction

o Knowledge of consumables, materials and safety

o Prepare welded joints

o Butt welding and with various angles

o Practical demonstration on steel and stainless steel

o Personal Exercises with Coaching

o Conclusion and continuation

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