MIY MakerSpace fablab is opening in Perolles this coming October 8 and 9. The fablab is now making it easy for you to visit them as it will be having their business in the center of Fribourg.

What’s good about the upcoming event? There will be many activities during the inauguration. We have a tour, wherein people will be able to check all the spaces in the fablab from corner to corner. Another one that we will enjoy is the live product viewing, and so project-viewing. There will be activities for kids and teens, as well. Then, things like milling, 3D printing, and more will be shown during the event.

What to bring? Taking pictures is super allowed, so you can bring your phones and cameras with you. We just want to ask you to please wear a mask for your safety. And for joining the opening in Perolles, there will be apero for all.

MIY MakerSpace is one of the leading markets for woodworking with different tools that can be utilized in the building. The elite club of hobbyists is getting the perks of being able to use the machines in the fablab. Available tools are CNC machines (milling), 3D printers, welding tools, and a lot more.

If you are a first-timer in the world of woodworking, being an elite member will give you the ability to take courses, and try the machines while being coached. You may also enroll your youth to participate in a short-term class, so they will be able to experience the woodworking moments. The experience is not just fun but full of learnings. We have different clients offering every household to participate in group learning. Our personnel in the club are always ready to teach and assist everyone.

The fablab is open from 9h00 to 19h00, as long as you are an elite member, you have the privilege to get in and out of the office from the said time. It simply means, your projects can be easily done swiftly since you can manage your own time. If you are having trouble, or just wanted to get some ideas, our people, and as well other hobbyists in the elite club are happy to share their knowledge.

If you are interested in our CNC machines, we have different kinds of those in our fablab. The midget one is available for you to try. We also have larger CNC units to manipulate. We do have a lot of computers, as well, for you to use, and our application to create your project on PC is very user-friendly.

One milling machine we have that will be available in Perolles is the Badog CNC Artisan 22. It is a small-sized machine good to use for making not so huge projects. In case that you will need a bigger one, our Badog CNC Artisan 55 is available.

As you can see in the image above, that huge wood map was created with Badog CNC Artisan 55.

Here are some of the images that are happening in our fablab:

Another kind of machine which is available in our fablab in Perolles is the 3D printers. Wanted to create a wooden figure? The 3D printer suits your needs. We have a previous work which our people created in the FabLab, the Groot character figure which he made into a 3D wooden figure can be seen in our display.

If welding is your favorite, our welding tools are ready to use. Just in case you want to fix or customize your motorcycle, instead of CNC, you prefer welding equipment. Well, we have those and we are ready to assist you, too.

Another good thing about our fablab, we are pet-friendly. If you can’t leave your pets at home, your pets are always welcome on our premise.

We have been in the industry for a long time, and we also have our CNC machines which are available for purchase. Rest assured that quality and precision are always present once you use our tools.

We are so close to operating in Perolles. Our main address for you to visit is at 13A Bd Perolles, Fribourg, Suisse. You may also leave your information if you wish to be contacted using our google form: 

We hope to see you all in MIY MakerSpace fablab soon, we can’t wait to share with you the beauty of what we offer.