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Woodworking & carpentry level 2

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Woodworking and carpentry level 2 MIYWOD102

Woodworking and carpentry course level 2

Reference: MIYWOD102
Age: 12- 99 yrs.
Objective: This is our second in a series of woodworking courses designed for the beginner to the advanced level. Basic tools will be learned and power tools would be incorporated in the course

 Prerequisite: No prerequisite
Duration: 2-3h course & 2-3h self-work
Dates: On demand Tuesday to Saturday
Instructors: Team Miy MakerSpace et extern
Cost: 300.- HT materials not included
Group: 200/p (min 5)

What you can expect to learn during this woodworking course

The prerequisite for this course is our first level entry carpentry course or some basic knowledge in the domain of woodwork. The first course covers basic tooling and basic techniques. So, if you feel that you’re already over this level this advanced course in woodworking will work fine for you.

This course is designed for advanced woodworking where you will learn how to use electric tools to speed up your workflow. We will also show advanced techniques that allow you to control finishing surfaces and to take account of different grains for different woods. This course includes a couple projects that you can choose from that help you refine and hone your knowledge in woodworking. This course can either be taken one-on-one or in a group of people depending on what you’re looking for in a course.

After this course we’re sure that you will be confident enough to be able to use power tools and basic woodworking equipment to build small things like tables, cabinets, or treasure boxes. The goal of this advanced woodworking course is to make you autonomous on the machines for you to enter our workshop with the membership and be able to work autonomously on your own.



Réservez dès maintenant pour un cours avancé en menuiserie La menuiserie peut être amusante et facile à apprendre

About the equipment used in this course

We will concentrate on electric tools in this woodworking course so that you can be confident and safe and eventually autonomous and be able to work on your own. The beginning of course includes basic tools and non-powered tools but this course concentrates on a higher work floor in a more professional approach to woodworking so if you have some experience in the domain of woodworking this course would be good for you.

You’ll be introduced to saws, drills, routers, and other electric tools in this woodworking course. Also, you’ll be introduced to different types of wood and grains and how to work them efficiently by making the best of their characteristics. If you have any questions about our woodworking tools or what tools we’ll be using for this woodworking course, let us know or contact us on our contact form on this website.


MiY MakerSpace equipment used for this course.

Machines/technologies:  power tools like saws, drills, routers, and planners will be used.
Software and support: the support for the course will be available on printed paper and no software will be needed for this course as we’re using electric tools and no computer control equipment.
Options: On the day of the course, you will be supplied with a list of options for different projects that you may like to do



Apprenez les techniques avancées de menuiserie Apprenez à votre rythme le travail du bois


Woodworking Course syllabus and Instruction method

  • Introductory course of security and workshop tour
  • Presentation of the material
  • description of different power tools like saws, planers, drills, and routers
  • Basic skills with power tools
  • Advanced techniques including tooling and speeds.
  • Hands-on personal exercises with coaching
  • Conclusion and follow-up


Instruction method:
Live lectures with our team of engineers
You will be using real machines and real technologies used in industries.
Support, Instruction, and procedure are also included on paper.
See our agenda or contact us for reservations or for more details for our other woodworking courses.


Our advice

We will be using power tools in this woodworking course therefore we need to use safety equipment such as hard toed boots, gloves, glasses, and safety equipment. We have glasses and gloves available in our workshop for you to use. It is also a good idea to arrive early for this woodworking course to make sure that you have a spot with a table to work on. If you have any demands or concerns for this introductory carpentry course, please let us know in advance by e-mail or contact us by telephone.



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