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If you are not familiar with the word, a Makerspace or sometimes called a Hackerspace in Germany is often associated with fields such as engineering, computer science, and graphic design. The concept emerges from the technology-driven “maker culture,” which drives small makers as well as small business. This idea of a collaborative rental space for inventors and hobbyists has caught hold in education, where the informal combination of lab, shop, and conference room form an interesting infrastructure for learning through hands-on exploration.

Our MakerSpace is open to the public and serves as a second well equipped shop for thoes who are lacking in space or in technology. We have welders, milling machine both manual and controlled by computer. We have LASER cutters, saws labs and an ever growing impressive array of hand tools. We offer both the machines and also courses on each piece of machinery. In our MakerSpace if you dont see a certain tool or machine you can fill out a request and we will see what we can do to get it for you.

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Our MIY shop structure complete with laser cutters, 3d printers, milling, engraving and cutting machines, makes it possible to design and make in house almost any project imaginable which is vital to your dreams and vision for your own project.

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The MIY consulting engineering projects are usually analyzed by teams or focus groups that are comprised of a variety of professions and disciplines in addition to engineers of mechanical design and technologists, but the team leader is usually a professional mechanical engineer who oversees the project as a whole. We can handle any project no matter how small or how large.

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