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with our makerspace We can help you learn anything

from 3d Printing to precision CNC milling.

We can help

Why we do it

MIY MakerSpace Values

To share knowledge

We believe that the power of manufacturing and inventers is best served if it is in the hands of the hobby user and the heart of the inventor.

To create a community

A strong sense of community creats a better environment for free thinkers and freedom withing the maker trend wil lead to better advancements.

What else?

To make your dreams...

We are all creators and passionate about something. MIY MakerSpace was created to cultivate and expand your dreams until you are ready to fly on your own.


We always have new interesting projects avaiable for our clients to learn or just to have fun.

Come in and use our equipment or take a private or group course

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Jane Smith | Director, Big Company

“We are looking for people to come join in on the fun”

John | CEO, D Company