3D Printer course level 2

3D Printer course level 2

Use 2D drawing programs to make 3D models
Second course in our series of 3D printing
Learn in our workshop in Fribourg

3D Printer course level 2 3D MIY3DP102

3D Printer course level 2

Reference: MIY3DP102
Age: 12- 99 yrs.
Objective: learn how to use 2D drawing software and then extrude them to make 3D models that you can send to your 3D printer. The easiest way to make 3D models without learning a 3D program.

Duration: 2-3h course, 3h practical self-work
Dates: On demand Tuesday to Saturday
Team Miy MakerSpace et extern
Cost: 300.-
Group: 200/p (min 5)


What you can expect during this course

This course includes a simple introduction to 3D printing and allows the student to get to know all the current technologies and compare the advantages and disadvantages of each one. The toughest thing about getting into the world of 3D modeling is the actual program. It can take months or even years to master a 3D drawing program, so we put together a simple course on how to turn 2D drawing examples into 3D models.

You’ll be using software that you probably have already installed on your computer and open-source software that you can get your hands on easily and for free. 3D printers are not that hard to operate but the models pose a big problem to beginners and people who are just starting out in the domain. A lot of times even though objects are printed in 3D they can be two-dimensional with an extrusion. This simplifies the process of getting into printing in 3D without learning heavy software.

This is a good course to take after you’ve already taken the first module of operating the machine because it allows you to take your models that you’ve extruded in two-dimensional into three dimensions and send them to the machine for printing.


Come see what you can learn in 3D printing

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About the 3D printer used in this course

3D printers have been around for quite a few years and sometimes we don’t need the machine and we can use a handheld 3D printer. The 3D printers use a spool of plastic that’s heated and then melted and then injected out of the pen where it can cool and solidify. The results are quite impressive sometimes.

3D printers are perfect for prototyping small projects or inventions when you don’t have time to do outsourcing. An item can be modeled in 3D in a couple of minutes and sent to the machine to be printed. This reduces the time that it takes to invent or produce an object or a project. 3D printers are also quite useful when replacing pieces that can’t be found on the market such as knobs, switches, and latches period.



Our shop is open to the public

Our 3D printers are easy to use


MiY MakerSpace equipment used for this course.

Machines/technologies: 3D printer
Software and support: Inkscape, photoshop, Cura, 3d printer software, photoshop
Options: There are no extra options available for this course


Course syllabus and Instruction method

  • Introductory course of security and workshop tour
  • Explanation of the different technologies
  • Different categories of popular 3d printers.
  • Explanations of the various drawing programs that you can use in 2D
  • converting A2 dimensional drawing into three-dimensional model
  • Manage drawing problems.
  • Conclusion and continuation



Instruction method:
Live lectures and solo courses or with our team of engineers
You will be using real machines and real technologies used in industries.
Support, Instruction, and procedure are also included on paper.
See our agenda or contact us for reservations or for more details.


Our advice

It’s a good idea to arrive early to make sure you have a good place. The 3D printer is clean and most of the work is done on a computer so there’s no dust or dirt to be worried about. You should bring a notebook and the pen if you’d like to take notes to remember our class period. The class comes with a paper printed manual that will help you the next time you come to visit us.

Even if you’ve never touched a 3D printer this is the ideal course to start with to model pieces in two-dimensional and then extrude them into 3D models.




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