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Perceuse a colonneOTMT


Perceuse à colonne pour le percage et pointage

– Robust machine professional quality.
– Drive by belts, safety switch , adjustable table by pinion / rack column diameter 100 mm.
– Lower base machined to accommodate larger workpieces .CE

main Features: OTMT brand
Power 400-50
ability of drilling (mm) 32
gooseneck (mm) 250
spindle stroke (mm ) 120
Taper CM3
column diameter (mm) 100
distance spindle / base ( mm) 1224
distance spindle / table (mm) 670
total height ( mm) 1775
groove width (mm) 16
OT21619 model
number of speeds 12

Weight (kg) 230
power (W) 750
base ( mm) 650 x 450
table surface (mm) 470×420
spindle speed 100 – 2000

Epple QCS-400mm Aluminum

Used for profiles for angular or straight cuts

Aluminum cutting saw can be swiveled from45 degree
With pnematic clamping vice
Pneumatic cylinder for controlled descent
Aluminum cutting saw  (Pneumatic circular saw) QCS-400 controls the up and down movement of the saw blade through an air cylinder. It can be swiveled ±45°  Our pneumatic circular saw especially suitable for cutting aluminum alloy

Technical parameters
Max. blade size 400mm

Circular     @90°
Rectangular @90°
Circular     @45°
Rectangular @45°
Blade speed @50HZ 2800rpm
Motor power 1.1kW
Drive: Belt

OTMT BandSaw

Used for angular or straight cuts

Aluminum and wood cutting band style saw  hydraulic controls for the the up and down movement of the saw blade. Piece can be swiveled ±45° Especially suitable for cutting aluminum alloy, wood, plastic and essential if you want to stock a shop