Cutting assembly service

Cutting assembly service


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Cutting assembly service at MiY

Inventions and prototypes are the basic factors for technological advancement. We offer professional engineering and consulting solutions like Cutting and assembly service. Our Swiss-trained engineers can, upon request, provide targeted expertise in the fields of manufacturing, industrial production, automation and robotics. Our services are aimed at small industries, technology companies, startups, R&D departments and construction companies. Most professional consulting services are offered within our company. In exceptional cases, we have the possibility of releasing an external consultant through the MIY engineering consultancy network to work on your projects. Whether you are independent, an SME or a multinational, we are committed to studying your requests in the offer of cutting and assembly service

Cutting assembly service for indistries
Cutting assembly service for industries

Cutting assembly service

The MIY MakerSpace structure is completed with laser cutters, 3D printers, milling machines, engravers and digital cutters. Our workstations are equipped with 3D design programs, making modeling at all levels possible. The combination of the workshop and programming can open many doors in the realization of your projects.


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MIY engineering and consulting projects are typically analysed by teams or focus groups that are made up of a variety of professionals from different backgrounds, bringing varied knowledge and experience. The team leader is generally a mechanical engineer. MIY is in charge of the project as a whole and according to management methods.We have


We have over 500k in machines and tools for you to use in our workshop. But, also for us to help you out with your requirements. We can cut aluminium, steel, plastic wood and just about any other material in our open space in Fribourg.

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