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Welding course MIG/MAG Level 2 MIYSOU102

Welding course MIG/MAG Level 2 MIYSOU102

Reference: MIYSOU102
Age: 12- 99 yrs.
Objective: This is a follow up course for our first level welding class and will allow you to refine your skills and improve your dexterity when you’re welding

Prerequisite: MIG/MAG level 1
Duration: 2-3h course & 2-3h self-work
Dates: On demand Tuesday to Saturday
Instructors: Team Miy MakerSpace et extern
Cost: 300.- HT materials not included
Group: 200/p (min 5)


What you can expect during this course

Cours sur la soudure MIG/MAG level 2. This is a follow up course for our first level welding class and will allow you to refine your skills and improve your dexterity when you’re welding


Le soudage peut être amusant et facile

Nos cours peuvent être suivis en solo ou en groupe


About the equipment used in this course

By applying a constant voltage from a power supply, we can create an electric arc that fuses the base metal with a wire that’s fed through the welding torch. This is done at a constant velocity to assure a consistent beat on our wild. This process is called mig welding if we use an inert gas that is fed through the gun with the wire. This inert gas protects the Weld from atmospheric contamination and oxidization and other interferences like moisture. The inert gas does not react with the filler material or the bead.


Because it’s simple to use and efficient mig welding is generally used for heavy duty projects and heavy-duty work where a major repair is needed. Mig welding as compared to tig welding is quite a bit faster and a lot easier to learn for the beginner. The welds also don’t need that much cleaning and finishing at the end when you finish your welding. The joint stays firm and strong if the process is done correctly and the user is well practiced and can control his welds.


Course syllabus and Instruction method

  • Introductory course of security and workshop tour
  • advanced techniques in mig welding
  • preparing a surface of rusted materials
  • angles and harder conceptions
  • Finishing touches and surface states
  • Conclusion and follow-up

Instruction method:
Live lectures and solo courses or with our team of engineers
You will be using real machines and real technologies used in industries.
Support, Instruction, and procedure are also included on paper.
See our agenda or contact us for reservations or for more details.


Our advice

Working with metals like steel and iron can get dirty during the grinding process therefore we recommend that you wear old clothes and use the equipment on site. We have all the welding helmets and glasses that you need as well as gloves and protection for other people around you when you use the welding equipment. It’s also a good idea to let us know if you have any requirements before the course by contacting us on our contact form or by e-mail directly.





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