CNC workshop mill and engraving

CNC workshop Our premises are open to the public for your projects and your business

CNC workshop mill and engraving

Open to the public or for CNC courses

CNC workshop mill and engraving

MIY we have a 100m2 CNC workshop classroom for a maximum of 12 people equipped with 10 3-4 axis milling machines. In this workshop, you will be able to use the machines at your leisure or take classes in milling tools or lubrication. Also, the room is well equipped with tools for milling and engraving in aluminium, wood, plastic and carbon fibre. The workshop is used as the official Badog CNC training centre, but it is also open to the public.

  • Badog X3 milling machine 620x350x95mm P = 1kW
  • 1 x Badog X3 engraver 620x350x95mm P = 500W
  • 1 x Badog PUP A4x50 P = 1.5kW
  • 1 x PUP circuit cutter A4x50 P = 1kW
  • 1 x Swiss Artisan 4-axis P = 2.2kW 620x350x95mm
  • 1 x Badog X 2 620x350x95mm P = 1kW
  • 1 x Badog Artisan 4-axis 1700 x 1000 x 100 P = 4.5kW
  • 1xBZT 750 4 axes 750x450x120mm with tool changer

Our Work Shop

Our CNC workshop is one of the most popular spaces in our MakerSpace. We have four full-size CNC machines at this position for our clients as well as very high-end precision machines. These machines can cut metals and harder wood with the precision that only a professional would need. Plus, our CNC machine shop is open to the public on weekdays and weekends and usually without reservation because we have enough CNC machines NRCC workshop to fill the demand.

Also, we also give courses in groups of up to six people where each person has their own computer and sync CAD Cam software installed. This can be a fun thing to do in a group for team building or a family outing for the high energy family.

Nevertheless, our CNC workshop can also be good for birthday parties or anniversaries or a surprise for that husband who has absolutely everything else. Plus, there are a lot of courses on the CNC machines in our courses section. If it interests you, you might want to check it out. The courses can be basic and take about three hours, but the advanced courses can take weeks. And the professional courses can even take months, it all depends on what level you’d like in CNC machining.

Our machines

We use Badog CNC machines, notably the Badog X3 which has a high degree of precision and can also be accessible to the hobbyist because the price is very low. This machine can cut metal, wood, and plastics with precision. Also, check out our used machine section where we sometimes have models for sale that you can bring home to the house and use for prototyping.

Our shop is also equipped with shaving evacuation systems and vacuum attachments to the machines so you can be sure that your workspace can be always clean and manageable. And, the machines are maintained by us every month, but we ask that you give them a good cleaning before and after you use the equipment. You can check in our price section how much it costs to get membership to use these machines in our workshop. But you can also find a price by contacting us on renting these machines and taking them home. This allows you to work at your own speed in your own time in your own house without having to come to our workshop.





  • On site rental of CNC machines
  • Space open to the public
  • Sale of machines
  • Prototyping or subcontracting
  • Coaching, consulting and development

Les cours:

  • Private courses available
  • Groups and public courses
  • CNC Milling courses I, II and III
  • CNC Lathe and 4th axis
  • Programming iso and gcode Tooling
  • CNC Machine building


  • Badog CAD/CAM
  • Visual mill
  • Delta CAM
  • Vectric
  • Simple CAM
  • Free CAD
  •  Blender
  •  Inc. scape
  • Cut 2D
  • Mastercam
  • Aspire
Model making: Cars, planes, boats, drones, electric trains, models

Model making :planes, boats, drones, electric trains, models

Gifts and advertising objects:photo engraver on wood, port key, decorative sculptors

Gifts and advertising objects : engraver on wood, port key, decorative sculptors




Watchmaking and jewelry: Watches, jewelry and decorative objects and specific

Watchmaking and jewelry:Watches, jewelry and decorative objects and specific

Objects of art: woodcarvings, models, executives

Objects of art : woodcarvings, models, executives


CNC Mill Workshop


Maquettes 2D et 3D en bois : paraffine, bois, plastique depuis une image

2D and 3D wooden models  : paraffin, wood, plastic from a picture

Electronics: Engraving of the circuits print, PCB, machining and power boxes

Electronics : Engraving of the circuits print, PCB, machining and power boxes

The applications for CNC machines

Whether you are a hobby user or a professional user our CNC workshop is open to the public all week to give you the possibility to use a machine that you normally don’t have in your workshop at home. These machines have quite a bit of applications such as model making, 3D design, sculptures in 3D, prototyping, inventing, and many other different possibilities that you can think of. For just a couple francs per day you can have a membership that’ll grants you access to these machines, and you will be able to cut whatever you want at the pace let you choose, if you don’t know how to use these machines, we also have our courses that will guide you along the process of your apprenticeship. These courses are very easy to follow and can teach you specific information on how to do your specific project or your specific application.

Also it’s a great way to get together with friends and family so that you can learn together and build a better understanding of what CNC machines are and how they can help you in the real world or on your prototype. These machines are perfect for inventors or people who do prototypes we don’t usually have these machines at home



CNC workshop mill and engraving

CNC milling machine rental On-site or take courses