CNC Milling machine level 3

CNC Milling machine level 3

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CNC Milling machine level 3 MIYCNC103

CNC milling class level 3.

Reference: MIYCNC103
Age: 12- 99 yrs.
Objective: This course will allow you to apply everything that you’ve learned in the first two courses to the CNC milling machine in 3 dimensions. This will also touch on advanced techniques for milling machines and equipment.

Prerequisite: MIYCNC102, or some CNC machine skills
Duration: 2-3h course & 3h self-work
Dates: On demand Tuesday to Saturday
Instructors: Team Miy MakerSpace et extern
Cost: 300
Group: 200/p (min 5)

What you can expect during this course

Once the student has mastered the CNC in 2D it’s usually time to expand the set of skills to include the 3rd dimension. Sculptures, 3d molds and even pieces of a chess game have conventionally been cut by using a 3d milling machine, so it is a natural evolution for the student to learn how to use the machine in 3d. This course will give the absolute fundamentals to design and mill 3d relief projects in various materials. Depending on the goals of the student, the relief drawing will either be created in photoshop software, found from existing examples, or drawn by hand then transformed by use of powerful software into machine code then fed into the machine so that the example can be cut in real.

This course will reunite the first two courses in our line of scene C milling courses. This course will also teach you about advanced techniques and allow you to refine your skills as a CNC operator. Usually at this level you are autonomous on the machine and don’t need any more instruction and can explore the applications and implications of the machine yourself. Goals: Introduce the skills and software to model and to cut 3D relief projects


Exemple de fraisage CNC en 3 dimensions

Exemple de projet complet Engrenages


About the equipment used in this course

Prototyping and 3D modeling are often essential parts of the production process. You need your prototypes and 3D models to come out perfect so you can see the true possibilities of your concept. Badog CNC routers have all the capabilities you need to create the prototypes and 3D models that will become the next breakthrough product. We’ve specially designed some of our machines for sculpting in three dimensions as well as making three-dimensional prototypes to help our clients along the line with their inventions.

CNC machines have been used for 3D prototyping for many years but just recently they’ve become available to the grand public this means that you can make prototypes in your house for a lot cheaper than outsourcing in the past our 3D machines are designed for prototyping in 3D and 2D and if you really want, in four dimensions as well. It’s just as easy to cut a chest piece than it is to cut A2 dimensional frisbee on these CNC machines. Once the program is made all you have to do is find the zero the machine calibrated and launch the machine with the right tool.



Either 3D or 3D you can master the techniques

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MiY MakerSpace equipment used for this course.

Machines/technologies: Badog X3 3d milling machine and tools.
Software and support: Badog CAM software, Mach3 software, Inkscape and Photoshop
Options: There are no extra options available for this course


Course syllabus and Instruction method

  • Introductory course of security and workshop tour
  • What software is available and what is the differences?
  • What tools can be used to create a 3d relief?
  • BMP2CNC, Vectric Cut 3D software and how to use it
  • Choosing the right tool
  • Relief carving
  • Mold making
  • Practical example: 3D relief sculpture
  • Conclusion and continuation



Instruction method:

Live lectures and solo courses or with our team of engineers
You will be using real machines and real technologies used in industries.
Support, Instruction, and procedure are also included on paper.
See our agenda or contact us for reservations or for more details.


Our advice

CNC machines are very easy to use but it can be easy to forget the fact that they’re very dangerous. The machines have sharp edges, and they have sharp tools that spin at very high speeds therefore security equipment needs to be used. We supply the basic safety equipment such as gloves and glasses, but you have if you have special requirements let us know and we can plan for you.





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