3d CNC advanced CNC techniques (MIYCNC202)
Reference: MIYCNC202
Age: 12+
Costs : 300.-
Costs per group (min 4 persons: 150.-
Prerequisites: MIYCNC101 or basic CNC
Materials: Included
Equipement : Badog CNC X2
Duration : 2h theory / 3h practices

Cnc milling course – 3d CNC advanced CNC techniques (MIYCNC201)

Course details:

Milling 3D scluptures, characters or approximate parts can be performed by recognition programs with algorithms of their own. What happens when you need accuracy for assemblies while meeting tolerance standards? This cnc milling course introduces you to the fundamental machining processes of a part from a computer-aided design (CAD) program to ensure an excellent level of precision and repeatability for the realization of a functional prototype. The training focuses on the configuration of the machine and on the many criteria of a machining program. The instructor will also discuss the various extensions of 3D files and how to work with each of them.
Cours fraiseuse cnc 3d CNC advanced CNC techniques

3d CNC advanced CNC techniques (MIYCNC202)


Learn how to design and machine in an intuitive way, respecting the standards as well as the machining tolerance. Discover and understand how to fix a part for machining.


o Understand the difference between recognition and CAD programs

o Discover the difficulties encountered during assembly

o Tolerance standards for various types of materials (wood, aluminum, plastic)

o Learn about 3D file extensions? STL, STP etc.

o Using Vectric Cut 3D

o Choosing the right tool

o Create 3D models: mold

o Practical example on milling machine.

o Conclusion and continuation

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