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Prototype Engineering

Engineering and prototyping

Need something engineered or do you need
certification or testing on an existing project?

Prototype Engineering… Need to make a prototype?

Prototype Engineering basics

So now that you have the idea, what now? As any inventor will tell you, not all ideas are possible when it comes to the real world of manufacturing and product design. Factors that you may not have thought about come into play rather early in the prototyping process. Factors like ergonomics, certification, normalization, environmental issues and manufacturing processes are not normally part of an inventor’s vocabulary but we can help you sort this out and help set some realistic goals for your prototype or products.

At MIY MakerSpace, we have in-house specialists and engineers who can help you realize your projects painlessly. We take care of the engineering part of your projects and you take care of the ideas. We provide an autonomous expertise in engineering, industry, automation, and robotics to small industries, technology firms, startups, prototype and construction firms.
So no matter what stage you are in on your projects we are ready to jump in and guide you along the way.

Prototype Engineering toys and games at MIY Makerspace
Prototype Engineering toys and games at MIY Makerspace

Once the planning stage is achieved then we can teach you how to operate real world machines and use correct manufacturing processes from our MakerSpace. Or if you are not interested in the manufacturing process we can analyze the best solutions pertaining to the manufacturing process for you so that you are ready for production with an industrial partner. In other words: we can make your prototype.

No projtotype is too small or too big, we can help

You will also have the opportunity during the design prototype process to interact with other competent members of our community and profit from their expertise and experience in the real world. Collaboration is the backbone of our business and you will find it becomes and imperitif part of the creation process. Come in and talk or drop us a line for more information if you are planning to prototype a project.

Your idea, our experience and tools