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3D Printer pen course

Have fun with friends and family with our printer pens
Learn how a 3D printer works
Use your imagination and creativity

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3D Printer pen course MIY3DP100

Resumé handheld 3D printer of course

Reference: MIY3DP100
Age: 12- 99 yrs.
Objective: use our handheld 3D printer to print simple objects or doodle the day away

Duration: 2 hours
Dates: On demand Tuesday to Saturday
Instructors: Team Miy MakerSpace et extern
Cost: 35/p min 5 students
Group: 20/p (min 5)

1.1.1       What you can expect during this course

This course is designed for people that want to enter the 3D printer world but instead of a conventional high-tech machine they want to start by using a simple 3D plastic printing pen. The idea is to discover how an actual 3D printer works and to see the technology associated with well-known 3D printers. In this workshop, you can discover and understand not only the basic mechanism of a 3d extruder but also learn about the most used plastics and techniques in 3d printing. Ideal for kids, the course includes a few practical exercises with the 3d printer pen to control height and the adhesion of the molten plastic material. The course includes tips for troubleshooting a clogged pen and maintenance for the unit.


3D printer pens are fun and easy to use

unlock your creativity with 3D printing


Goals: To introduce to the world of 3D printing in a fun way and building of an object using a 3D printer pen in a amusing and economical way. Learning 3d printing is fun!

1.1.1       MiY MakerSpace equipment used for this course.

Machines/technologies: handheld 3D printer and plastic spoon
Software and support: there is no support for this course.
Options: There are no extra options available for this course


1.1.2       About the handheld 3D printer used in this course

3D printers have been around for quite a few years and sometimes we don’t need the machine and we can use a handheld 3D printer. The handheld 3D printer is very versatile and allows us to draw artistically in three dimensions. This is not as precise as using a 3D printer machine but it’s a lot of fun and allows you to waste a lot of time for nothing. The 3D printers use a spool of plastic that’s heated and then melted and then injected out of the pen where it can cool and solidify. The results are quite impressive sometimes.


1.1.3       Course syllabus and Instruction method

  • Introductory course of security and workshop tour
  • What is a 3D pen?
  • What can we create?
  • Learning about 3D printing technologies
  • Draw in 2D – create a cube.
  • Draw in 3D – create a bridge.
  • Troubleshooting in case of a plastic jam
  • Conclusion and continuation


Instruction method:

Live lectures and solo courses or with our team of engineers

You will be using real machines and real technologies used in industries.

Support, Instruction, and procedure are also included on paper.

See our agenda or contact us for reservations or for more details.



1.1.4       Our advice

The 3D printer pens can you get hot so if you have young children they need to be accompanied by an adult. We have gloves and safety protection equipment on site. It’s a good idea to arrive early to make sure you have a good place.