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Workshop costs (consumables list not exhaustive):
LASER station 25.-/h subscription > 7 months
LASER station 40.-/h subscription < 7 months or professional
Welding (50/h) +gas
3d printer 1.75 filament 0.27 /meter, 0.18/gram
T-shirt: white m 160g/cm2 12.-
Vinyl t-shirt per cm: 0.288
Vinyl per cm: 0.1638
Soda: 3.50, Coffee: 1.- Beer 4.-
6mm tool: 40.- 3mm tool: 25.-
Wood 4mm A4: 3, Wood 4mm A3: 5
Plexi 4mm 500x500mm: 45.-

Other services :
Cleaning: 50/h
Disposal of waste: 40.-
Answers the question “where is the 10mm key?” » : 100.-
Consultation or product design: 150/h first consultation and 150/h afterwards
CNC, 3D, CAD CAM, vinyl cutting, welding, electronics courses: 300 / module
Engineering design office or CAD/CAM: 150/h

* You must make a reservation for the stations: welding, laser and large CNC
* Prices may change, see our prices on site
*Total duration and total price of the subscription is noted on your invoice and are not cumulative
* Fees for services are rounded up

Never used a CNC machine? or do you need to take a course?