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Courses for electronics or computer from MIY

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Advanced Excel visual basic for applications (MIYCOM105)

Ever wanted to add a button to excel that automatically performed what ever you wanted? You can do just that and easily learn VBA by working your way through the EXCEL VBA courses that we offer. If you think that creating macros or adding buttons to an interface is too difficult or out of your reach…

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Introduction Arduino (MIYARD101)

Arduino is a platform for prototyping of interactive projects usually for creative use, consisting of an electronic card and a programming environment. Without spending years of your time and understanding electronics, this hardware and software environment allows the user to build their projects by using what we call as “direct experimentation”…

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Microcontrollers Atmel (MIYATM201)

Our MIY AVR Tutorials series aims to provide information and courses for the Atmel AVR 8-bits series of microcontrollers such as the ATMega8515, ATMega16, ATMega32, ATTiny2313, ATTiny13, etc. The information on AVR Tutorials is geared towards assisting students in understanding concepts related…

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